Paeroa Highland Games and Tattoo


commencing at 10 am   

The Heavyweight Athletic Field Event is always a crowd pleaser. See the big men lifting the weights and tossing the caber.

Highland Games have evolved from when ancient Clan Chiefs would organise contests to find the strongest men for their body guards, the fastest for couriers and the fittest for their armies. As a sporting event the contests were a way in which rival clans could compete with each other without resorting to the bloodshed of battle. 


The event takes on an International flavour with two overseas competitors confirmed to participate. Australians Craig Read and Aaron Monk return. Craig, a Correction Officer from Newcastle is ranked No2 in Australia and is one of Australia’s strongest men; he will be partnered with Aaron Monks.

The competitors will vie for points from the seven traditional events:

22lb Highland Stone,

22lb Heavy Hammer,

16lb Caledonian Hammer,

Tossing the Caber,

Tossing the Sheaf,

56lb Weight for Height,

28lb Weight for Distance.

The competition will be run under the rules of the Waipu Caledonian Society Inc, using some Waipu equipment and Judges.

In the event of more than ten entries registering, at the organiser’s discretion there may be an elimination event prior to the competition starting. Registration fees for those eliminated will be refunded.

Highland kilts and hose are to be worn during competition. Complimentary Tee Shirts are supplied.

Refer "Entry Forms" page for Registration

                                                                   - photo by Trevor Lowe


Important Notice to Members of the Public

The designated Heavyweight Competition areas are rated hazardous.

Entry by non-competitors is strictly prohibited.


2017 Official Results

Day's Events Aggregated Over 8 Events

Patrick Hellier NZ
Craig Manson NZ
Aaron Monks AU
Clive Hutcheon AU
Reuben de Jong NZ
Craig Reid AU
Gary Duffy NZ
Dave Geesaman NZ
Craig Walker NZ
Shane Smith NZ


Evening Teams' Event

ANZAC Caber Challenge

 1st Reuben de Jong NZ + Patrick Hellier NZ


2nd Clive Hutcheon AU + Craig Reid AU

Farmers Walk

Gary Duffy 240m
Reuben de Jong 207m
Patrick Hellier 175m


Gary Duffy's magnificent performance 2017

- photos by Trevor Lowe

Reuben de Jong in action 2017

- photo by W Moffet

Presentation ceremony New Zealand Highland Heavyweight Championships 2016 Winner Patrick Hellier

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

- photo by Margaret Vickers

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

- photo by Karen L Moffat-McLeod

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas

- photo by Judith Bishop

Another perfect 12-o-clock throw by Patrick Hellier

- photo by Rod Baker-Clemas


How to Toss the Caber:


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